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  • SOFT FEEL Surface Finish

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    is a new revolutionary way to create beautiful fabrics.

    In other words, It is value-adding machinery that gives the fabric a soft and smooth finish.

    SOFT FEEL obtains a mix of different grains of abrasive bands and abrasive brushes complete range of SUEDING and BRUSHING.

    Because of increasing demand in domestic and export markets for consistent gentle and soft surface finish.

    We have developed the latest  SOFT FEEL surface finish machine for exceedingly smooth and even surface treatment on dry fabric like suiting, shirting, dress materials and denim.

    SOFT FEEL’s Powerful fluff suction keeps fabric, brush rollers, and the inside area clean and dust-free. Therefore, it helps machinery to be low maintenance.

    SOFT FEEL is committed to producing an infinitely adjustable smooth surface with an outstanding repeat accuracy of the desired effect.

    SOFT FEEL comes with 3 Brush Rolls / 4 Brush Rolls and 6 Brush Rolls according to the client’s needs. 

    SOFT FEEL can process fabric ranging from 70 gsm/meter square to 700 gsm/meter square.

    SOFT FEEL‘s working width is to be made from 1900mm to 2600mm depending on the client’s need.



    ➜ Compact Design

    ➜ Clear visibility of the ongoing process.

    ➜ Positively driven scroll roller for ceaseless fabric feeding.

    ➜ Rotating Pressing arrangement.

    ➜ Variable brush speed for required feel.

    ➜ Powerful fluff suction keeps fabric with brush rollers and the inside area

    clean and dust free.

    ➜ Multi point inverter controlled drive ensures controlled fabric tension.

    ➜ Built-in electrical panel.

    ➜ User-friendly Touch Screen display.

    ➜ Plaiting down or optional friction batch.

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