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  • Chainless Merceriser

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    Chainless Merceriser

    The Chainless Merceriser is the most Significant procedure for the cloth. Chainless Merceriser machine there are following features in it.

    • To begin with, Chainless Merceriser is one of the most fundamental steps for finishing cotton fabrics. Merceriser involves treating organic material with high-caustic soda solutions. In other words, it eliminates impurities or undesired particles from the cloth before completing other processes. 
    • Secondly, It rolls cloth on batching trolley from fold/loose form by pressure roll assisted with twin – Pneumatic Cylinders, AC Motor & Gearbox.
    • Thirdly, The caustic soda-impregnated Fiber reflects light, making it brighter. It also boosts hygroscopicity, strength, and dye affinity. 
    • Fourthly, The operating width of a chainless merceriser can range from 1500mm to 3500 mm, as preferred by the customer.
    • Fifthly, It can process woven fabrics with capacities ranging from 70 to 700 grammes per square metre
    • Lastly, It is available in various sizes and speeds ranging from 8 to 40 metres per minute.
    In conclusion, this merceriser machine is best suitable for the garment industry Dyeing & printing plants.


    ➡ Increase dye Affinity
    ➡ Improve Luster
    ➡ Add more Tensile Strength
    ➡ Increase Dimensional Stability of Warp & Weft yarn.
    ➡ Elimination of immature or Dead Cotton
    ➡ Improved Handling effects.
    ➡ Tailored to the customer’s specifications.



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  • Cylinder Drying Range

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    Drying Range

    The Drying Range or VDR (Vertical Drying Range Machine) is one of the most demanding processing machinery in Woven dyeing & printing plants. The Drying Range has the following features that make it an essential part of the plant.

    • Firstly, It ensures rapid drying of fabric at high steam pressure.
    • In other words, It is suitable for fabric drying, semi-drying, and fabric that doesn’t require heat setting or Clothes which need semi-dry or completely dry.
    • Secondly, a Belt drive or individual drive for tensionless and crease-free passage of fabric on the cylinder result in the cloth moving smoothly.
    • Thirdly, an Individual trapping system for faster condensate removal inside chambers.
    • Therefore, it keeps cylinders at maximum heat.
    • Fourthly, the working width options from 1250mm to 3500mm according to the client’s need.
    • Fifthly, ranging from 70 gsm/meter square up to 700 gsm/meter square of woven fabrics like cotton, viscose, rayon, wool & polyester can be rolled on this machine.
    • Sixthly and most Important Drying Range has the option of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, or 24 cylinders in a single or double frame.

    Above all, more numbers of cylinders equal more speed.

    In conclusion, this machine is best suitable for Dyeing and Printing Plants.

    🔸 Advantages:

    ➡ Long Lasting & sturdy construction
    ➡ Lowest consumption data
    ➡ Quick heating up
    ➡ Easy to operate
    ➡ Drying with minimum tension
    ➡ Crease-free fabric passage
    ➡ Perfect temperature uniformity across fabric width
    ➡ Highest product quality
    ➡ Shut off valves for cylinders
    ➡ Lowest maintenance effort
    ➡ Lowest radial run out and perfect welding craftsmanship

    🔸 Technical Specification:

    ✅ Box type or beam stack structures as per choice.
    Belt-driven or individual drive for tension-less and crease-free passage for fabric on cylinders.
    ✅ Options of 2 bowls or three bowls mangle to attached with cylinder dryer as per customer need.
    ✅ Any width from 1250mm to 3500mm of the dryer is supplied.
    The Drying Range has the option of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, or 24 cylinders in a single or double frame.
    ✅ Every/alternate cylinder can have an individual geared motor drive if required.
    ✅ An Individual trapping system for faster condensate removal from cylinders.

    Drying Range Types







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  • Desizing Machine

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    Desizing machine

    Desizing is the process of removing the size applied during weaving. The purpose of this fabric processing machinery Desizing machine is to remove the sizing ingredients such as starches, gums, PVA etc.

    The starch has to be degraded into less water-soluble molecules by hydrolysis. The hydrolysis of starch using enzymes under particular concentration, temperature and duration is called desizing.

    Desizing can do at room temperature to boiling temperature as per the quality of the enzyme.

    Desizing Tank is made from Stainless Steel material. The tank can have open or fully enclosed construction as per requirement. The number of rollers in the tank facilitates suitable liquor takeup of every kind of fabric which is to be desized.

    Desizing machine speed can be lowered or raised for proper take-up of the liquor for different grades of cloth.

    🔸 Key Functions:


    ✅ 5 to 60Mtrs/Min operational speed.
    ⭕ Automatic or manual dozing system (Optional)
    ✅ Auto Steam Control.
    ✅ Easy usage.
    ⭕ Chemical preparation tanks (Optional)
    Desizing machines are available from 1600mm to 3400mm fabric width.


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  • Polymeriser

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    Polymeriser is to use for fixing printed garments. Polymeriser is an Important part of Processing machinery cause it secures the colour before the washing and finishing. There are the following features in it.

    • Firstly, Polymeriser assures perfect fixation of dyes even at higher temperatures. In other words, the Dyes can be permanent before starting the washing and finishing process of the cloth.
    • Secondly, It is most suitable for curing Phthalein dye, Pigments, and resin set.
    • Thirdly, Pre-dryer removes gaseous fumes from printed fabrics – an exclusive speciality of this Machine. The Machine operates efficiently in the temperature range from 30ºC Temperature to 180ºC and ensures automatic regulation of temperatures within the chamber.
    • Fourthly, the width can be made from 1600mm to 3200mm as per the client’s need.
    • Fifthly, Garment weighted from 70 to 700 gsm/per meter square can be processed.
    • The sixth and most Importantly speed can be achieved up to 40 meters per minute while performing the process.

    In conclusion, Polymeriser is best suitable for the garment industry or dyeing & printing plants.


    ➡ Supply with hot air jets, recirculating fans and steam or thermic oil heating for best curing result.
    ➡ Separate blowers for top and bottom air nozzles.
    ➡ Its uniformity in temperature, width-wise, length and diagonally.
    ➡ No dropping by condensation.
    ➡ Variable speed up to 40 meters per minute by A.C. Inverter System.
    ➡ It is available in 60 to 150 meters of cloth content curing zone.


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