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  • Open Width Washing Range

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    Open width Washing Range

    Open width Washing Range is for the fabric washing machine for woven fabrics. The Open width Washing Range machine has the following features.

    • Firstly, The system consists of a specially shaped impeller in the drum in which water jets uniformly smashes the full fabric width very high washing performance on the upper and backside of the fabric.
    • In other words, Open width Washing Range removes unfixed dyestuff, gum, and other chemicals from the fabric.
    • Secondly, Washing with tanks can carry out pre-washing, rinsing, and chemical treatment.
    • Therefore, Open width Washing Range improves fabric quality.
    • An effective squeezer between the washing unit gives maximum liquor separation from one bath to another.
    • Thirdly, Each washing compartment with its force-spray system, re-circulation pump, filtering device, overflow, drain, and heating arrangement.
    • Fourthlythe Open width Washing Range’s working width is to be made from 1500mm to 3500mm depending on the client’s need.
    • Fifthly, ranging from 70 gsm/meter square up to 700 gsm/meter square of woven fabric can be processed on this machine.
    • Sixth and most Important is Perfect synchronizing of linear speed hence tension-less and creaseless transport of fabric all along the process.


    ✅ Excellent Washing efficiency.
    ✅ Extremely sturdy construction.
    ✅ Quiet running.
    ✅ Low energy consumption.
    ✅ Ease of operation.
    ✅ Optional knife spray between each strand of fabric with supply from a separate pump.
    ✅ Circulation and counter flow arrangement to save water.
    ✅ Low maintenance.
    ✅ Quick and simple installation.
    ✅ Tight closing glass windows on the sides to provide easy access.
    ✅ Direct steam heating by perforated S S Pipes.
    ✅ S S bottom rolls running in self-aligning bush bearing.


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  • Rope Washing Range

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    Rope Washing Range 

    Rope Washing Range is a fabric washing machine. Therefore, The Rope Washing Range is for woven fabrics like cotton, cotton/viscose, cotton/polyester or linen and knitted fabrics.

    Viscose washed in rope form because of its poor wet strength. 

    Similarly, Knit fabrics tend to elongate in open form and require many holding gadgets. So, it is washed in rope form to avoid curling and elongation. 

    The Rope Washing Rang has two open-width compartments/triple drum compartment/cage washer for wetting and swelling dyes as well gum paste, fabric then gathered in a J-scray before going into the winch washing compartments. 

    The oval-type S.S. winch helps in thrashing the cloth into the S.S. washing tank to remove the gum and excessive colour.

    There is a provision for heating the water with steam for faster removal of excessive materials. Long dwell times, controlled temperature and liquor flow to suit individual requirements add high washing efficiency.

    Each tank can hold 110 kilos to 200 kilogrammes of cloth, depending on the breadth of the tank. After being washed with a rope opening mechanism, the fabric takes on an open state. 


    ✅ Excellent washing efficiency.
    ✅ Sturdy construction.
    ✅ Low energy consumption.
    ✅ Quiet running.
    ✅ Lowest maintenance effort.
    ✅ Speed up to 70 Meters / Min.
    ✅ Easy installation


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