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    Single Folding Machine

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    This Single Folding machine or fabric folding machine is one of the fabric makeup machinery which has the following features :

    • Firstly, the Single Folding machine does fold the fabric from a loose form to an organized plated state before performing dyeing/printing/processing operations.
    • In other words, the fabric needs an inspection before starting any processes.
    • Secondly, the Single Folding machine also measures fabric length before any operation or after all processes.
    • Thirdly, the Single Folding machine comes in four different sizes from 41″/36 (Small)* to 72″/67 (Large)
    • Fourthly, woven fabrics like cotton, viscose, rayon, wool & polyester weigh from 70 to 700 gsm/meter square and fold on a Single Folding machine.
    • Fifth and most importantly, the speed can be achieved up to 50 meters per minute while performing the process.
    In conclusion, this fabric folding machine is best suitable for the garment industry or dyeing & printing plants. 

    🔸 Technical Specification

    ✅ For fabric up to 1700MM
    ✅ The working table descends up to 15” (380 mm).
    ✅ Length is of folds adjustable up to 1.00 meter.
    ✅ Cast Iron sidewalls are closed to make the machine robust and sturdy.
    ✅ Folding blades mounted on the carriage of steel roller chains.
    ✅ a simple device for quick and precise folding with knife adjustment 
    ✅ Operating speed: 50 meters/minute.
    ✅ Drive on motor 2HP x 960RPM.
    ✅ Stroke-type length Counter with manual setting or ⭕ Digital counter.


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