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    A-FRAME Trolley

    A-Frame trolley is one of the most required Accessories in Textile Plant and Mills. A-frame’s objective is to carry the fabric and make it easy to manoeuvre inside the facility while different processes such as measuring, washing, cleaning, dyeing or printing, and finishing.

    A-frame trolleys are also Utilised in rotating stations by simply adding an extension to them.

    A-frame trolleys come in different sizes from 44 up to 130 inches roller width depending on the customer. A-Frame trolleys take less space than bucket/box type trolleys. It gets easier to manage them and store them in one place.

    Inshot A-Frame Tolleys are best to manage and store the grey to finished material in a clean and sorted way that helps to identify the fabric lot.

    Many Textile mills and Export houses have been using it for a long time, making it reliable and one of the solutions to manage the fabric.

    Wider A Frame Trolley

    🔸 Technical Specification

    ✅ A FRAME’s top roll fabricate from M.S. Seamless Pipe (Ebonite quoting).

    ✅ The end shaft is RIB constructed or As per the buyer’s suggestion.

    ⭕ Cladding of S.S. Sheet on a batch roll. (Optional)

    ✅ The front side pooling system is a swivel type M.S. fabricated bracket with 10″ x 2 wheels.

    ✅ The rare side is of fixed type 12″ x 3″ wheel.

    ✅ Batch coupling is fit on a batch roll for rotating.

    ✅ A-FRAME is manufactured from an M.S. channel (100/50mm) x 6mm wall thickness.


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