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    The Stenter or Hot air Stenter Machine is one of the Fabric Finishing Machines like Relax Dryer whose heat set capabilities give the fabric the final result of all the processes it went through.

    Stenter has detachable nozzle fingers that are easy to clean and sliding filters which remove lint as they come out.

    It also comes with an A.C. inverter system that allows the operator to make changes as needed within seconds.

    Stenter comes with the following advance and improved features:

    🔶  Higher Production Speeds

    ✅ Use of elongated oval Nozzle slits for higher air velocity.
    ✅ The lowest gap between the top and bottom Nozzle faces prevents the drop in enthalpy.
    ✅ High-energy blower fans displace high volumes of air.
    ✅ Fabric working width can be customised from 1600mm to 3400mm and cambers from 1 to 12 depending on customer need.
    ✅ Speed From 40 to 100 meters per minute by A.C. Inverter System.

    🔶 Efficiency

    ✅ Double-jacketed sealed provides the best insulation.
    ✅ Seasoned cast iron lubricated rail provides friction-free movement of the chain.
    ✅ All pipelines are installed inside the machine to cut out conduction losses.
    ✅ Give 15% More Saving against other stenter.

    🔶 Maintenance

    ✅ Detachable Nozzle fingers for easy cleaning & Online sliding filters for lint removal make it easy to maintain on daily bases.
    ✅ Online sliding filters for lint removal.
    ✅ Easy access inside chambers for observation.
    ✅ Advanced chamber technology makes it easy to install and reinstall if needed without interfering with the performance.

    Working width decides upon the maximum width of fabric & chambers decide upon the maximum per day production requires.

    As its Fabric Finishing machine, Stenter can finish fabric like Hosiery, Cotton, Polyester, Cotton Hosiery, Polyester Hosiery, Polyester Cotton, Wool, Mink Blanket, Polar and Many more Knitted as well as woven fabrics.

    In Conclusion, this machine is best for Dyeing and Printing Plants.


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